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Jumble Finder is a simple web page that lets you search for jumbled words hidden within strings or grids of letters. It can help you solve word searches, ‘definition and letter mixture’ (DLM) cryptic crossword clues, and much more. Try it now!

Jumble Finder has two basic modes: ‘text mode’ and ‘grid mode’. In text mode it treats the text in its input box as a single long string and examines every substring of this string to see if its letters can be jumbled to form a word in the dictionary specified. In grid mode the input is treated as a two-dimensional array of letters, and the search is carried out over all rows, columns and diagonals of the grid.

You can tell Jumble Finder to look only for certain types of jumble, such as cyclic permutations. You can also force it to consider only substrings with one or both ends aligned with word breaks (or, in grid mode, grid boundaries) in the source. This is a common extra constraint in definition and letter mixture crossword clues.

In normal grid mode Jumble Finder will remove all spaces from the input text before analysing the grid. (Blank lines, however, are still significant.) In ‘grid with spaces’ mode it will preserve the spaces and treat them as gaps in the grid.


Find the death rays hidden in Macbeth’s speech: try it.

Find words hidden in a grid of random letters: try it.

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