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  • Qxw, a free (GPL) crossword grid construction program that runs under Linux and Windows - features include circular and hex grids, built-in and user-defined answer treatments, and more: screenshots FAQ download
  • Qat multi-matcher: find sets of words that simultaneously satisfy given constraints. Find pairs of words that are single-letter (or multiple-letter) misprints of one another, words that share common segments or that differ from one another in specified ways, words containing the same segments in different orders, and much more: try it out!
  • Word Matcher, a powerful free on-line dictionary search for solving crosswords: try it out! - with forward and reverse subword matching, compound patterns and display of unused and excess letters
  • Wireless Word Matcher: stuck on the train and a clue? Free dictionary search service for solving crosswords from your mobile ’phone
  • Might paronomastic enigma be artistically expressed in this? (9,7) Composite anagram finder
  • New! Jumble Finder: solve DLM clues and more
  • Free WAP games, similar to Countdown Numbers Game and Conundrum, for your mobile ’phone
  • Playfair Breaker, a free on-line program to help break Playfair codes using only the ciphertext: try it now!
  • Crux, a free general constraint satisfaction program for word puzzles: FAQ
  • UKMAC, a word list for UK cryptic crosswords by Alec McHoul (a.mchoul -at-, an expansion of Ross Beresford’s UKACD; README file including licensing information and credits (.DOC format)
  • ‘Misprint lists’ of pairs of words differing in a single letter
  • Some Quinapalus crossnumbers: Three Squared Two Cubed Xtricate Debased Interstice
  • Try your hand at Glorious Trinity, a Quinapalus cryptic crossword
  • Or My Wife’s Holidays, another one

Crossword fans are recommended to read the Listen with Others blog, an entertaining romp through the Listener crossword. Also of interest may be the Fifteensquared blog, which discusses cryptic puzzles from British newspapers. The Magpie is a monthly magazine containing a range of advanced crosswords and mathematical puzzles of a consistently high standard.

Qxw screenshot hex grid created by Crux
Screenshot of Qxw
Triple-checked hex grid created by Crux: words read across, down to the left, and down to the right
Qxw screenshot 8x8 symmetric word square created by Crux
Automatic fill of irregular grid by Qxw
More screenshots
8x8 symmetric word square created by Crux: the same words read across and down
Mobius crossword
Grid for a Möbius band crossword created by Crux.
Print it out, cut out the grid above, give the strip half a twist and join the ends together as shown.
cube grid
Triple-checked cubical grid created by Crux: words run in three perpendicular directions

More about Qxw

More about Crux

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Qxw screen
Qxw is a free (GPL) crossword construction program. Answer treatments, circular and hex grids, jumbled entries, more besides. Release 20140331 for both Linux and Windows. More...

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